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Spiritualists who believe Ouija boards can be used to make actual contact with the spirit world feel that the act of hindering a medium’s ability to use his or her own eyes while the board is in use effectively places too great of a handicap on the whole exercise. This argument stems from the belief that contacted spirits actually utilize the eyes of the medium during a Ouija session in order to point to the letters and words needed to form a message. Most believers of this notion believe that the board has no intrinsic power in and of itself, but rather, is used simply as a tool to aid a medium while in communication with the spirit world. Although many people have made positive connections with the Ouija board, there have been several horrifying myths and stories. There has been a popular rumor that Ouija board users whose names begin with a k and end with a b will be cursed for life for experimenting with a Ouija board.

The paranormal is a high bandwidth dimension, therefore, communicating with it requires your computer’s settings and plug-ins be up to the task. The following pages include instructions for enhancing your system, if necessary, to provide the optimal channelling experience. We suggest you configure your system accordingly, not only to enjoy the site to its fullest, but also for your own personal safety.

When contacting the “other-side”, you can never be too careful!!!

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Get the Witches Bible to use at home
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